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In 2016, IMTP was acquired by Minerva S/A (Minerva Foods), a Brazilian company recognized worldwide as one of the leading meat processing companies in South America, specialized in the production and sale of meat, cattle byproducts, leather and live cattle exports.

After the acquisition, IMTP changed its name to Minerva Foods Asia, in order to maintain the Company’s culture, which has been cultivated since its beginning, but also introducing innovations to achieve the highest standards in the business.

Minerva Foods Asia is known as one of the leading meat exporters in Australia and its purpose is to deliver quality food to the world in a reliable and safe manner. 
The company has supplied premium meat to global markets since 1973, when it established its reputation as a high-quality meat exporter.

In 2018, the Brazilian company Intermeat, an importer and exporter of animal proteins that was acquired by Minerva Foods in 2016, was incorporated into Minerva Foods Asia, expanding the Australian company’s operating market and enabling it to gain vast experience in dealing with different cultures and traditions.

Located in Australia, Minerva Foods Asia has a team of highly qualified professionals ready to deal with global demands at competitive prices on a daily basis, as well as ensure the quality and reliability of the products we offer and the timeliness and precision of the services we provide to our customers, with whom we are proud to maintain long-term business relationships.

Our products

Our seasoned team offers a wide range of meat products, all of which are processed in our modern facilities, managed and maintained by qualified professionals and rigorously inspected by the competent authorities, ensuring high-quality final products and continuous customer satisfaction.


  • Fresh or frozen, bone-in or boneless veal;
  • Fresh or frozen, bone-in or boneless lamb;
  • Fresh or frozen, bone-in or boneless mutton and goat;
  • Fresh or frozen mutton or sheep offal;
  • Portion cuts of meat, veal and lamb;
  • Poultry meat;
  • Game meat.


Halal Certification

Minerva Foods Asia is a major exporter of meat to Muslim markets. We offer Halal-certified meat, slaughtered in accordance with Islamic rites.