Social and environmental policies

Our partnership with suppliers also covers the development of specific social and environmental policies. Taking into account the pillars of sustainability, the company adopts a series of behaviors and works so that its partners will act the same way.

Pul's differential is that it acts closely to producers, guiding and supporting them in their actions.

For Pul, transparency, security and tranquility when sending your cattle are essential.

Social responsability

For PUL, social responsibility is as important as economic success. We contribute to the employees and their families and also to the community, collaborating with local organizations.

This is PUL, a successful company with an ethical and responsible management of product and always committed to health, safety and environmental awareness as well as to the wellbeing of the employees and the community.

Standard of excellence

The raw materials, the cuts, specially packed using strictly controlled packages, assure the international excellence standard of all PUL products. These products have the certification of all sanitary controls carried out by MGAP (Livestock Agriculture and Fishing Ministry) and INAC (Nacional Institute of Meat), as well as those made by our quality control department, which prestige and seriousness are widely known and recognized in the international beef market.

The process of integration between farmers and industry is constantly evolving and includes several projects coordinated by PUL's Extension Department. The main purpose of such department is to link the production departament to thte industrial plant, to inform the farmers about the industrial requirements and to advise them in order to achieve production targets.

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