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Employee health and safety

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Occupational diseases

GRI 13.19.11 GRI 403-10 SASB FB-MP-320a.1 SDG 3 SDG 8
2021 2022 2023
Brazil 2 2 4
Latam 403 219 36
Australia - - 0.00


In 2023, a total of 40 cases of occupational health and safety incidents were documented, with four occurring in Brazil and 36 in the Latam division. Musculoskeletal complaints emerged as the most prevalent type of occupational injury. Notably, no cases were recorded in the Australia division. The most common types of accidents encompass cuts and same-level falls (slips).

Accidents at work rate, by business division

FB-MP-320a1 GRI 13.19.10 GRI 403-9 SDG 3 SDG 8
2021 2022 2023
Accidents with fatalities - - -
Accidents with serious consequences - - 0.79
Mandatory reporting accidents - - 9.66
Accidents with fatalities - - 0.06
Accidents with serious consequences - - 12.99
Mandatory reporting accidents - - 19.81
Accidents with fatalities - - -
Accidents with serious consequences - - 14.59
Mandatory reporting accidents - - 48.46


Each of our operational units is supported by specialized local teams dedicated to implementing tactical strategies that prioritize the health and safety of our workforce. In 2023, our strategy is centered on reducing illnesses and accidents by ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements and conducting audits across all units. In the Latam division, audits focused on critical items based on past deviations were carried out to enhance our prevention efforts.
Rates were calculated for 1,000,000 hours worked.
* The indicator was reviewed in 2023 and reported in a new format, which is not comparable with the historical series.