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Engage rural producers and together work towards the establishment of
sustainable, profitable, low-carbon agriculture and cattle ranching.

Know the program

We reiterate our purpose to provide quality food through a business that combines global competitiveness, innovation, ethics, and quality along the environmental criteria that are decisive in our industry.

With this objective in mind, in 2021, we launched the Renove Program a joint effort with our partners to measure the carbon balance of cattle suppliers. In partnership with renowned institutions, three projects are being developed in South America, which currently have 91 properties participating.

For the development of these projects, we are using primary data and internationally recognized methodologies to ensure soundness and scientific credibility. This way, we can contribute to the recognition of the sustainability of South American cattle ranching.

How does the Renove Program work?

The sustainable development of the property can be encompassed within our various projects:

Implementation of sustainable management practices such as pasture reform, waste management, Crop-Livestock-Forest Integration (ILPF) or Crop-Livestock Integration (ILP).


Agricultural Management

Restoration of legal reserve areas or permanent preservation areas.


Forest Restoration

Existence of excess legal reserve on the property.


Forest Preservation

With Renove, three essential components for the sustainable development of agriculture and cattle ranching are available to rural ranch properties:

Green Finance

  • Access to payments for environmental services and
    the carbon market;
  • Access to green credits;
  • Access to new market demands;
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Training and Technical Assistance

Assistance in the use of low carbon emission technologies, combining profitability and sustainability.

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Technical Partnerships

  • Renowned and internationally credible methodologies;
  • Scientific backing;
  • Innovations;
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Sustainable practices on ranches can bring socio-economic, financial and environmental benefits, such as:


Generating carbon credits


Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions


Increased productivity and profitability for the rural producer


Soil quality and resilience on rural properties


Access to distinct markets for the rural producer

Participate in the Renove program

All rural producers, whether or not they currently supply to Minerva Foods, are invited to participate in the Renove Program.
To participate, fill out the form below and access our social media to learn more about the opportunities.

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Developed Projects

Currently, the Renove Program is working with 91 properties located in South America: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay.
The Program has three projects: MRV Agro Project, LATAM Certification Project and Carbon Project.



Participating properties

In 5 countries

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5 properties


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5 properties


65 properties


11 properties


MyCarbon is a subsidiary of Minerva Foods and is designed to support companies in meeting their greenhouse gas emission neutralization targets through carbon credit offsets.

At MyCarbon we develop carbon credit sourcing projects, in a sustainable, transparent and reliable approach, complying with the most important international certifications. We also market high quality credits, in line with international standards, thus creating financial incentives for environmental conservation and promoting a low carbon future.

MyCarbon is part of our efforts to implement initiatives that promote a more sustainable, low-carbon livestock production. We work together with rural producers throughout South America, encouraging the adoption of advanced technological production systems that contribute to the sustainability of our value chain.


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