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Indicators Center

Central de indicadores (1)
We have the principle of acting with responsibility and transparency in the disclosure of concrete data regarding our commitments, goals and management practices regarding our sustainability agenda. Therefore, we have created the Central de Indicadores.  A dashboard used to monitor our progress over the years; as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section, in which we have listed the most key information about our strategic pillars. 

Indicators Center

The Indicator Center presents the sustainability data we monitor in a three-year historical series (2020, 2021, and 2022), divided into nine macro-themes. The indicators were gathered based on the methodologies of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and correlated with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Minerva Foods’ Sustainability Commitment.


*Indicators for the base year 2023 are being consolidated and audited by a third party and should be published in the Sustainability Report and the Indicators Center in the second half of May, according to the Company’s annual calendar
Report Methodology


2022 Indicators Download 

Download the complete base of indicators available on the portal in excel spreadsheet format. 


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2023 CDP Responses

View the forms with our responses related to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP):


Download files

Climate Change Questionnaire
Forests Questionnaire
Water Security Questionnaire

FEBRABAN – SARB 026/2023

Mapping and Analysis Study of Risks and Opportunities Related to Climate

The results of the study conducted between 2022 and 2023 with the assistance of expert consulting based on the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) methodology.

Physical Risks Table

Transition Risks Table

Opportunities Table

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we provide information regarding the most frequently asked questions concerning our strategy for sustainability. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, we have a channel for clarifying doubts and indicating suggestions through the email:

Minerva Foods, recognizing that the sustainability of its business is dependent on maintaining the ecosystems that support agricultural production, publicly announced its commitment to the sustainability agenda in April 2021. ​

More information can be found in the section Commitment to Sustainability.

The core objective in the commitment to sustainability is to drive Minerva Foods’ transition to a low-carbon economy, transforming it into a carbon-neutral company (net zero emissions) by 2035, 15 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. To achieve this, the Company will focus on three major areas:​

 1. Eco-efficiency in managed operations:

1.1 Relative to 2020, reduce the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions (tCO₂e/TPA) by 30%, taking into account scopes 1 and 2, by 2030;
1.2 Investing in technologies that will increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants at industrial facilities while reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases in the process; and
1.3 Continue to ensure zero net emissions, applying the market
approach for scope 2, by investing in and supporting the production of electricity through renewable energy sources. Since 2020, the Company has tracked the production of the electricity used in its operations by means of Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs).

2. Combating illegal deforestation throughout the value chain:

2.1 Continue to geo-monitor all direct sourcing ranches in Brazil;
2.2 Extend geo-monitoring coverage to all direct suppliers in South America by 2030;
2.2.1 100% of direct suppliers monitored in Paraguay by December 2021 (achieved);
2.2.2 100% of direct suppliers monitored in Colombia by December 2023(achieved);
2.2.3 100% of direct suppliers monitored in Uruguay by December 2025;
2.2.4 100% of direct suppliers monitored in Argentina by December 2030.
2.3 Develop and implement a program for monitoring ranches of indirect suppliers in South America by 2030;
2.3.1 Integrate the Visipec® tool into the Minerva Foods geo-monitoring system for the Amazon biome by December 2021 (achieved);
2.3.2 Provide the geo-monitoring technology (SMGeo Prospec®) used by Minerva Foods to the rural producer via smartphone application(s), in partnership with the company Niceplanet Geotecnologia, by December 2021 in Brazil (achieved) and by 2030 for all other countries of operation.

3. Continued development of the Renove program on partner ranches:

3.1 As of 2030, source at least 50% of cattle from suppliers participating in the Renove program;
3.2 Use scientifically rigorous and internationally recognized methodologies to measure the carbon footprint of individual ranches, within a tracked, documented and verified system, and to support the establishment of low-carbon practices;
3.3 Support the restoration of native vegetation in line with the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, enabling co-benefits for biodiversity.

More information can be found in the section Commitment to Sustainability.

Minerva Foods is constantly advancing in its ESG agenda and is evaluating the incorporation of objectives and goals on the social and corporate governance fronts over the next few years. ​

Our current initiatives on both fronts can be accessed on our sustainability website under the sections Prosperity of our People and Solid and Committed Management and in the Commitment to Sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions – General Interest

In this section, we provide frequently requested information about our products and services, partnerships and operations, among other topics of general interest.

We thank you for your interest in our products. We only sell for food sector CNPJ. In this case, you need to buy directly from our customers.
You can request information and availability for your region through rough our Contact Us Form:
We have halal certifications in several of our productive units. You can check more information here:

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Prices are traded directly with the commercial team. You can request information and availability for your region through the link:

Our brands are:
Pul, which has a variety of high quality products, designed for everyday life, meeting the standards of the main world markets.
Estância 92, which has cuts from steers (young cattle), ensuring unique softness and taste that transform any meal into a new and unique experience.
Cabaña Las Lilas, which is known for its premium quality cuts, with excellent fat and marble finish.

The Estancia 92 line has no specific race, its differential is to come from young cattle, which guarantees softness and juiciness to the meat. Learn more about products, accessing:

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