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Prosperity of

Our People

At its core, Minerva fosters a strong commitment to the sustainable future of the planet’s food supply. For this reason, our team’s attitude, ideas and conduct are rooted in support of our business values: Results-oriented, Commitment, Sustainability, Innovation and Recognition.

Our Team

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We strive to providing a safe and healthy work environment, offering training and supporting initiatives that improve the quality of life. It has established a set of guidelines that encompass its Code of Ethics – Conduct Guide as well as compliance with the labor laws of each country in which it operates.

Get to know our Code of Ethics
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Our operations go through a certification process for social responsibility, such as SMETA, which aims to certify that we are acting in accordance with the requirements of national and international standards regarding social, environmental, and occupational health and safety aspects.


All our units are backed by social and environmental impact assessments, community consultation committees and processes, work councils and commissions, and mechanisms for complaints and grievances.

Conexão Minerva, an ombudsman for internal and external stakeholders, is our main communication tool for the receiving of complaints, compliments and suggestions.


It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, managed by a third-party company, and offers the option of anonymous reporting if the petitioner so wishes.


More information can be found in the section Ethics and Compliance.

Diversity is present in our daily routine for we are present in many different communities, with many different cultures, and our premise of demonstrating respect for all people, employees, communities and other stakeholders, does not tolerate any form of discrimination. Our processes for hiring as well as remuneration follow the standards set forth by the labor legislation and our own internal procedures and standards. In addition, no distinction is made on the basis of gender, age, race and/or any other aspect.

Estar Bem

The Bem Estar Program, started in 2021, is a set of actions to support and encourage quality of life for Minerva employees and their families, which seeks to strengthen the company’s good relationship with its workforce, promoting a healthy, safe and wellbeing environment. In 2022, it continued to offer telemedicine, nutrition, physical educators and psychological support services, among others, at no additional cost.

Personnel Development

The formation of a committee focused on analyzing the aspects of people management, including their development, has helped to motivate and retain our talents.

We launched a distance learning (EAD) platform that gathers together various development courses in order to facilitate the learning process with autonomy, with access via computers or handheld devices.

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Within our Leadership Development Program (PDL), we conducted a variety of training modules (Communication, Situational Leadership, Decision-making, Organizational Culture, among others), which have benefited more than 1,300 managers.

In support of providing support for young people entering the job market, we offer the Trainee, Internship, and Young Apprentice programs. These programs are designed to encourage the professional development and interest of young people in the agricultural sector and to contribute to job creation in the communities in which we operate.

Occupational Health and Safety

We maintain a safe work environment for everyone who works there, whether our own employees, outsourced fixed or casual workers. We observe national and international practices to execute occupational health and safety plans and programs, exceeding the requirements of the legislations of the countries where we operate. Our management system ensures that all activities are investigated and evaluated by specialized professionals in order to detect risks – any occurrences with potential impact are attended by emergency assistance plans.

To ensure occupational health, at Minerva Foods, all employees, own and third-party, are covered by the occupational health and safety management system.


In addition, 100% of industrial operations have outpatient clinics with occupational doctors, nurses, nursing technicians, ergonomists and speech therapists or third-party services.


In 100% of the company’s operational sites there are groups with workers’ representatives who support the actions focused on accident prevention and health promotion for the workers.

In 2022, more than 13,000 tetravalent influenza and H1N1 vaccines were administered completely free of charge.


In 2022, more than 150,000 hours of training related to health and safety were applied globally, aiming to train employees to recognize, evaluate, and control the risks present in the work environment in 2022.

Engagement and dialogue

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Minerva Foods values engagement and dialogue with stakeholders, including employees, local communities, rural producers, suppliers, investors, among others. This is a way to share our growth and generate prosperity where we operate.

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We have begun developing Stakeholder Engagement Plans for our industrial operations in South America through open and transparent communications. These plans result from a diagnosis of the current relationship landscape with stakeholders based on the impacts generated by our operations.


Our aim is to align initiatives that generate real positive impact, in line with local needs, with trust and understanding among all parties involved.

The plans are being developed with the support of a specialized external consultancy and following the methodology of the AA100 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES) and the guidelines of the Company’s Stakeholder Engagement Policy.


The entire engagement process is led by working groups comprised of representatives from different areas of the business who have relationships with stakeholders in each business unit.


Read the full Stakeholder Engagement Policy.


Access here

Stakeholders Engagement Plan Goals

Strengthening our presence within the social pillar of our sustainability agenda.
Expanding positive impacts and mitigating negative impacts in the territories where we are present.
Optimized social investment aligned with local demands.

                               Results obtained until now*

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Industrial units with engagement plans developed in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Paraguay.

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People involved in the engagement plans development

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Planned actions within the engagement plans.

*Project application in the Uruguay units is expected in the 2nd trimester of 2024.

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Get to know more about the project

Engagement Plan – Brazil

Reports from other countries will be published soon.

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We are participants of the Global Compact, an initiative of the United Nations (UN) and we are committed to the engagement of our chain in its ten principles based on the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. We have a multidisciplinary working group focused on disseminating the principles internally and externally, and on developing the agenda of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Participant Site

Monitoring and engagement of the value chain in protecting human rights and combating labor analogous to slavery


Since 2005, we have been a participant in the National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor, a Brazilian initiative that establishes ten commitments dedicated to preventing and combating the use of labor analogous to slavery in its supplier network. The performance of these actions is monitored annually by the Instituto Pacto Nacional pela Erradicação do Trabalho Escravo – InPacto.

We stand out in the commitment, monitoring our supply chain and other business partners (suppliers of other inputs, customers, service providers, etc.) and by the engagement actions with these stakeholders.


Quarterly, suppliers, customers and other partners are engaged in the fight against labor analogous to slavery through campaigns and encouraged to adopt the monitoring of their own business partners, using the Register of Employers who submitted workers to conditions analogous to slavery  (known as the “Dirty List”), a public and free tool in Brazil.


In the other countries where we operate, we monitor labor compliance through convictions for labor analogous to slavery and child labor disclosed in the media or official sources.


More information can be found in the topic Supply Chain Management in the section Dedication to the Planet



Learn more about the National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor in Brazil

Learn about the Pact’s 10 commitments

Download in PDF

Website InPACTO

Private Social Investment

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At Minerva Foods, we believe that by directing financial resources, knowledge, and skills towards social initiatives, we create deep connections between our values and those of the communities where we operate. By building strong partnerships and investing in relevant causes, we can generate positive and sustainable changes, contributing to a more just and prosperous future.


Access the Private Social Investment Policy

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Our Guidelines for Private Social Investment


Promotion of Socioeconomic Development

At Minerva Foods, we believe that socioeconomic development is the key to building resilient and prosperous communities, and we prioritize investing in programs that professionally empower local communities, promoting access to quality education and income opportunities, with a focus on vulnerable groups.


Strengthening Local Actors

We are integral parts of the communities where we operate and believe in the power of local partnerships. By strengthening actors within these territories, we deepen our relationship with the communities and individuals directly impacted by the Company’s actions, creating a solid and lasting support network.


Commitment to the Future of People and Communities

We are committed to building a sustainable future for present and future generations. Our focus is on investing in projects that promote sustainability, food security, and education with the aim of ensuring that the communities around us thrive alongside us.

Our initiatives and those of our partners

Gil Nogueira Institute

With over 18 years of activity, the main focus of the initiative is to promote a love for reading, with an emphasis on comprehension, as well as the development of oral and written expression among students from 1st to 5th grade in public schools. The project is supported through the State Cultural Incentive Law of Minas Gerais, in Brazil, and will serve one school in the municipality of Janaúba, where we have operations.


Children’s Day

In celebration of the date, our operations annually organize a series of events, including “Open Doors” activities, aimed at the children of our employees and the local community. Children take part in creative workshops, games with monitors, dances, and sports. There is also the distribution of food, drinks, and sweets. The activities impact thousands of people.


Educate to Transform

The Educar para Transformar Program, developed by Minerva Foods to assist its employees and contribute to the strengthening of education in the communities in which it operates. The program encourages comprehensive education by donating school supply kits to the children of its employees as well as children enrolled in the public school system. In 2022, 11,117 kits were provided to employees and communities throughout the South American countries of operation.


Arrastão Project

Nonprofit organization that provides shelter and support to families in the Campo Limpo region, in São Paulo, Brazil. A work that contributes to the development of communities with social programs for education, work, and quality of life. Nowadays, they provide about 1,000 daily services for children, teenagers, young people, and adults, in addition to offering healthy meals to everyone, with an average of 637,536 meals served per year.


Inclusion Program for People with Disabilities

An initiative to train professionals, according to the needs of the labor market. In partnership with the City of Barretos, since 2016, we inaugurated two classrooms, built in the Solange Lana de Ávila Municipal Rehabilitation Center, dedicated to conducting free courses geared towards people with disabilities. The participants receive technical, theoretical and practical training, in two modules and have the possibility of becoming part of the Company’s staff. 


Clothing Drive

The mobilization of our employees also enhances social actions. Conducted annually, the collection and donation drive for warm clothing and blankets bring together thousands of pieces across different units in Brazil, destined for community institutions. Our units in Paraguay also engage their employees in campaigns that collect clothes and toys.


Solidarity Christmas

During the year-end period, promoting social participation among our employees, the company’s operations throughout South America carry out various actions to collect and donate food, toys, and hygiene products to philanthropic entities and local communities in situations of social vulnerability.



Do you belong to or know any organization that develops projects or has initiatives in line with the guidelines of our Private Social Investment Policy? Please contact us through the form below:

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