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The Company


Minerva Foods is a leader in beef export in South America and also operates in the industrialized segment, selling its products to more than 100 countries. In addition to Brazil, Minerva Foods is present in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, and has specialized sheep plants in Australia.

The Company’s history is based on solid, disciplined, coherent and experienced management, which seeks to operate in the most profitable markets through the use of risk management instruments.

Minerva Foods invests daily in the modernization of its industrial units, carries out strategic acquisitions, maintains a broad and personalized portfolio of quality products, and has an integrated and efficient distribution logistics.

Through our 33 industrial units, the Company offers healthy and nutritious products, which are sold to customers around the world through its 14 distribution centers and 17 international offices.

Our Purpose

Creating connections between people, food, and nature


We tirelessly seek ever better results.
We act with dedication and a sense of ownership in everything we do.
We contribute to the conservation of the planet, the prosperity of people, and the well-being of animals.
We seek the new or the continuous improvement of processes and products to add value to the entire chain.
We value professionals for their contributions, aligning their needs with those of the company.


Scroll the page and check out some of the key milestones in our history.



Vilela de Queiroz Family starts the activities of cattle raising and provision of logistics services, with the transport of animals from the farms to the slaughterhouses.



“Frigorífico Minerva do Brasil S/A” is acquired by Vilela de Queiroz Family, becoming our 1st industrial unit, located in the city of Barretos – SP, in Brazil (where our headquarters are currently located).



The lease and acquisition of an industrial unit are carried out in the city of José Bonifácio – SP, in Brazil.



We began live cattle export operations in the state of Pará, in Brazil, starting Minerva Foods’ first related business, Minerva Live Cattle Exports.



We opened a new industrial unit in the city of Palmeiras de Goiás – GO, in Brazil.



A lease agreement is signed for an industrial unit in the city of Batayporã – MS, in Brazil.



The year is marked by our initial public offering (IPO) and we begin to be listed in the Brazilian Stock Exchange.

In April, we also acquired the industrial unit in Araguaína – TO, in Brazil.

Minerva Beef Shop is inaugurated, a model store focused on retail, located in the city of Barretos – SP, in Brazil.



In February, we acquired an industrial unit in the city of Goianésia – GO, in Brazil, the former meatpacking plant Lord Meat.

In August, overcoming the global economic crisis, we acquired our first unit outside Brazil, reaching the city of Asunción, in Paraguay, to take control of the former Friasa S.A.



In March we opened our 1st  industrialized unit, Minerva Dwan Farms, a joint venture of Minerva S.A. and the Irish Company, Dawn Farms Foods.

We began operating Other two distribution centers in Brazil: one in Viana – ES and another one in Itajaí – SC. We also began the operations in the industrial unit located in Rolim de Moura – RO, Brazil.

In the same year, Minerva Biodiesel was created, a related business of Minerva Foods, focused on the production of a renewable source of energy with the social seal of biofuel from beef tallow.



Start of activities in two distribution centers in Brazil: one in Brasília – DF and the other in Araraquara – SP

In May, we started operations at the industrial unit in Campina Verde – MG, Brazil.

We also expanded our offices in South America, arriving in Chile, and in Europe, starting activities in Italy.

5C_curtume3_ 17


Inauguration of Minerva Leather, the Company’s leather division, in Barretos – SP, Brazil.

We acquired the 1st unit in Uruguay, Frigorífico Pul, located in the city of Melo.

We also started the activities of the Distribution Center in Belo Horizonte – MG, in Brazil.



In 2012, we started using the brand, Minerva Foods.

We acquired another industrial unit in Paraguay, the former meatpacking plant Frigomerc.



We expanded our Distribution Centers in Brazil, with openings in the city of Uberlândia – MG and Fortaleza – CE.

In addition, we now have full control of the industrialized unit, Minerva Dawn Farms, which receives the name of Minerva Fine Foods.

In November, we started an acquisition agreement of two more industrial units, as a strategic move to expand our activities in the state of Mato Grosso, in Brazil, reaching the cities of Várzea Grande and Mirassol D’Oeste.

We also expanded beyond the Atlantic, starting activities of our offices in Lebanon and Algeria.



We acquired another industrial unit in Brazil, located in Janaúba – MG and another in Uruguay, Frigorífico Carrasco, located in the city of Montevideo.

We started operations at industrial units located in the cities of Várzea Grande and Mirassol D’Oeste, both in the state of Mato Grosso, in Brazil.

With the objective of adding value to cattle by-products, Minerva Casings was created, focused on the production and commercialization of natural casings intended for the manufacture of sausages for the most demanding markets in the world.

We started some operations in the United States and also opened an office in China.



We purchased Frigorífico Red Cárnica S.A.S., located in Montería, in Colombia, as well as 100% of the shares of Red Industrial Colombiana S.A.S.

We signed a lease agreement for another industrial unit located in Asunción, in Paraguay, Frigorífico Expacar, which years later is returned and replaced by an industrial unit owned by Minerva Foods.



We opened two new Distribution Centers in South America: one in the city of Santiago in Chile, and another in Bogotá, in Colombia.

We also acquired two trading companies: IMTP, in Australia (which later took on the name Minerva Foods Asia) and Intermeat – Assessoria e Comércio Ltda., from Barueri – SP, in Brazil.



We created two businesses related to Minerva Foods: Minerva Energia, which works with solutions for the Brazilian electricity market, and Minerva Ingredients, responsible for the production and sale of ingredients, such as tallow, meat and bone meal and bovine blood, in addition to bones for pet food.



Based on our strategy of geographic diversification, we expanded activities in South America, acquiring nine more industrial units, three in Paraguay, one in Uruguay and five in Argentina, where we also acquired two processing units and a Distribution Center.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, we created Minerva Foods Europe in England and opened a new office in Singapore.

In Paraguay, we won for the 1st time the “Empleador del Año” (Employer of the Year) award (an award that has been repeated for five more consecutive years).



We completed 10 years as a publicly traded company listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Valores, Mercadorias e Futuros de São Paulo – BM&FBovespa) and won the 2016 Agribusiness Company of the Year, by the yearbook “Best & Biggest”, of the magazine EXAME.

We received the award from the magazine “Prensa Económica”, which elected our operations in Argentina as the beef industry that exported the most in 2017.



Year of internationalization of our operations with the creation of Athena Foods, a Chilean company 100% controlled by Minerva Foods, comprising operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

We also inaugurated the company’s new buildings in Barretos – SP, and the headquarters was renamed Centro Corporativo Antonio Vilela de Queiroz (Antonio Vilela de Queiroz Corporate Center), in honor of one of the founding partners.



Minerva Foods enters into an asset exchange agreement, in which it takes over the industrial unit in Paranatinga and, in return, ceases to operate in the industrial unit in Várzea Grande, both in the state of Mato Grosso, in Brazil.

We signed a memorandum to form a joint venture in China and became the first Brazilian company to operate in beef distribution in the country.

In Paraguay, we won the Prêmio de Exportador del Año (Exporter of the Year Award), being recognized as one of the largest exporters in the beef category.



The activities of the office in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, begin.

In May 2020, Minerva Foods is selected to integrate Ibovespa’s new theoretical portfolio.


Jul 2020

In July, an Innovation department is created to work directly on three initiatives: Advanced Data Analytics, E-commerce, Marketplace and Venture Capital (CVC).

In August, the industrial unit in Bucaramanga, in Santander department, Colombia, starts its operations.


Oct 2020

With CVC, in October, we invested in Startup Clara Foods, based in San Francisco, USA.


Dec 2020

In December 2020 we became part of the ISE, B3’s Corporate Sustainability Index.


Jan 2021

In January, the B2B on-line sales platform, Meu Minerva, is officially launched.


Jan 2021

We also joined the new 2020/2021 portfolio of the B3 Efficient Carbon Index (ICO2 B3), demonstrating our commitment to emissions transparency and preparation for a low carbon economy.


Mar 2021

In March, new venture capital initiatives began with investments in the e-commerce platform, Shoppe, with focus on B2C sales.

In the same year, we invest in the agricultural fintech Traive, which works in the development of credit models for the agricultural sector, to facilitate rural producers’ access to financial products.

Months later, a joint venture with Amyris is signed, with the aim of developing molecules for the sustainable production and distribution of animal protein around the world.


Apr 2021

In April, Minerva Foods’ goals and commitments with sustainability until the year 2035 are announced.


Jun 2021

In June, we were the first Brazilian company to receive, globally, the Renewable Energy Seal, issued by the Totum Institute, in partnership with the Brazilian Wind Energy Association (ABEEólica) and the Brazilian Clean Energy Association (Abragel), for all its units in Brazil.


Aug 2021

In August we acquired two industrial units focused on sheep production in the cities of Tammin and Esperance, in Australia, through a joint venture with Salic.

Continuing with expansion movements, in August, the joint venture with Greenland is approved to explore meat import and distribution in China.


Oct 2021

In October, the SMGeo Prospec application is launched, developed by Niceplanet Geotecnologia, which allows rural producers throughout Brazil to carry out detailed geospatial surveys, with the objective of monitoring the supplier chain.

In October, In Paraguay, we won the Prêmio de Exportador del Año 2021 (2021 Exporter of the Year Award), being recognized as one of the largest exporters in the beef category.


Dec 2021

In December, we were the only company in the beef sector selected to compose the B3 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE B3), for the second consecutive year.


Dec 2021

In December, in Colombia we won the “Premio Portafolio 2021” (2021 Portfolio Award), in the “Esfuerzo Exportador” (Exporter Effort) category.


Dec 2021

In December, the rebranding of the brand Minerva Foods takes place, together with the unification of the brands, Athena Foods and Minerva Foods. A new brand manifesto is launched, bringing the message of being one single culture, one single company, one single team.

01_Fev 2022 (mobile)

Feb 2022



We have been selected among the top five companies in Brazil, according to the Forest 500 Sustainability Ranking.

The evaluation is conducted annually by Global Canopy and indicates that we are one of the companies with the lowest risks of being linked to deforestation or potential exposure of commodity supply chains to forest-related risks.We have been selected among the top five companies in Brazil, according to the Forest 500 Sustainability Ranking.

The evaluation is conducted annually by Global Canopy and indicates that we are one of the companies with the lowest risk.




03_Abr 2022

Mar 2022

We have completed 30 years of a story marked by boldness and innovation. It was with this vision that we achieved leadership in beef export in South America, delivering our products to over 100 countries across 5 continents.

The journey has been one of great learning, but with the certainty that we always want to go further. We are committed to sustainable development and our geographic diversification. All of this is only possible with so many people who build our company with us!

04_Mai 2022

May 2022

We carried out the first shipment of Carbon Neutral certified product from Uruguay. The certification achievement was made possible through the Renove Program. To receive the CO2 Neutral seal, emissions generated throughout the entire production process were measured, from the rural properties, through processing and transportation to the final destination – stages corresponding to scopes 1 and 3 of Minerva Foods, as the company has been carbon neutral in scope 2 since 2020. The endorsement was granted by an independent certification organization present in over 100 countries.

05_Jul 2022

Jul 2022

We have entered into an exclusive supply partnership with Hilton Food Solutions, expanding our presence in the British market.

07_Jul 2022 (mobile)

Aug 2022

We returned to participate in the Barretos Rodeo Festival (SP), bringing our Estância 92 brand as the official barbecue of the event.

Another novelty is that this time our participation was more sustainable: MyCarbon measured and offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated during the event through carbon credits.


Aug 2022

This month, we also topped the “Most Honored Company” ranking, promoted by Institutional Investor, where we were evaluated in the Food & Beverages sector.

09_Set 2022

Sep 2022

Minerva Ingredients completes its first shipment of meat and bone meal to Sri Lanka.

10_Set 2022

Sep 2022

Furthermore, we won the ESG Reporting Awards – Best Sustainability Reporting 2022 in the consumer goods category. It is the only award dedicated to the sustainability field that evaluates companies listed on the Brazilian stock exchange.

11_Out 2022 (2)

Oct 2022

Our Sustainability Report has won 2nd place in the Hallbars Awards 2022 in the Beef category. We were one of the five Brazilian companies awarded.

Additionally, we have received the “Gold Seal” for the second consecutive time for our Corporate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Inventory, the highest recognition from the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program.

13_Out 2022

Oct 2022

In this same month, we celebrate 15 years of being a publicly traded company on the Brazilian stock exchange, B3.

14_Out 2022 (mobile)

Oct 2022

Later on, Minerva Fine Foods develops a new and exclusive product for the Subway chain: sliced pork for the launch of the Sub”Pork Shank”.

15_Out 2022 (2)

Oct 2022

In October, through our corporate venture capital initiative, we invested in Liv Up, a Brazilian foodtech specialized in ready-to-eat and healthy meals.

16_Out 2022

Oct 2022

We became the first carbon-neutral e-commerce platform in the industry in Brazil. We have announced the complete offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions through our subsidiary, MyCarbon.

17_Out 2022

Oct 2022

In October, we were also responsible for trading 20% of all carbon credits in the inaugural auction of the voluntary carbon market in Saudi Arabia.

18_Out 2022

Oct 2022

Wrapping up the month’s activities, we expanded our presence in Australia through the acquisition of the Australian Lamb Company, carried out through a joint venture with SALIC.

19_Nov 2022 (mobile)

Nov 2022

Our president, Fernando Queiroz, is part of Forbes’ list of the top 10 CEOs in Brazil for 2022.

20_Nov 2022

Nov 2022

We were also recognized as the largest exporters in Paraguay, winning the “Premio Exportador Del Año 2022”. We employ over 3,000 direct employees and export our products from Paraguay to the world.

21_Dez 2022

Dec 2022

For the fourth consecutive year, we have joined the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and committed to transparency by disclosing the effectiveness of our actions in managing climate-related issues, supply chain traceability, and conservation of natural resources.





Feb 2023

Minerva Foods Shop undergoes a visual identity rebranding: the establishment’s brand has been redesigned, featuring a contemporary typography and bolder lines, reflecting a modern and clear communication with all audiences.


May 2023

The company invests $2 million in Bluebell Index, a Brazilian climate-tech specializing in the development of environmental assets (Bluebells) that encompass carbon, hydrology, soil, and biodiversity.

minerva-foods-industrializados-minerva-fine-foods-fachada (1)

Jun 2023

Following our path of evolution, Minerva Fine Foods, the processed foods unit in Brazil, has incorporated the industrial units and changed its name to Minerva Foods – Industrialized Unit (MFI).


Jun 2023

We won the 2nd place in the European Sustainable Food Awards, in the Sustainability Pioneering category. The company becomes the first and only Brazilian company to receive this award, being globally recognized as a sustainability pioneer, due to its important role in building a more sustainable food industry.

rede-ilpf-integracao-lavoura-pecuaria-floresta-minerva-foods-mobile (1)

Jun 2023

In a groundbreaking move, as the first company in the agricultural sector, we have officially joined the brazilian Integrated Crop-Livestock-Forest Integration Network – ICLF (ILPF, in Portuguese). Integration is one of the most important practices under the ABC Plan for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Founded in 2012, ILPF is a strategy aimed at accelerating widespread adoption of technologies by farmers as part of an effort to promote sustainable intensification of Brazilian agriculture.

rede-ilpf-integracao-lavoura-pecuaria-floresta-minerva-foods (1)

Aug 2023

In our largest transaction, we closed the purchase of 16 slaughter and deboning plants from Marfrig in South America and a distribution center for R$ 7.5 billion. There are 11 plants in Brazil, three in Uruguay, one in Argentina, and one in Chile, which is a debut market for our company.


We have completed the acquisition of Breeders and Packers Uruguay S.A. (BPU Meat), a subsidiary of NH Foods. We have invested a total of US$ 40 million. BPU Meat is one of the most modern beef processing plants in South America, located near Durazno, Uruguay, with a slaughter capacity of 1200 head/day.


Sep 2023

Minerva Biodiesel, one of our related businesses, has achieved the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) and will now be able to market its products beyond Brazil, exporting to countries in Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

Nov 2023

On November 28th, we held the 14th edition of Minerva Day, which brought together employees, representatives of financial institutions, journalists, and investors.

During the event, to share a bit of our history and market outlooks for the future, we had presentations from our CEO Fernando Queiroz, CFO Edison Ticle, Latam COO Luis Ricardo Alves Luz, and Alexandre Mendonça de Barros, a consulting partner at MB Agro and a member of our Board.

Among the topics discussed, we reinforced our position as the largest exporter of beef in South America, the positive cycle of cattle in Brazil, and our presence in the Australian sheep market, as well as an overview of the sector for the coming years.


Dec 2023

Minerva Leather recently completed its first shipment of fully traceable leather. This is a significant milestone for the entire leather industry, demonstrating how the industry is committed to producing with quality, sustainability, and always seeking innovation, while also reinforcing our position as one of the leading leather suppliers in Latin America.


We proudly celebrate the registration of our subsidiary, MyCarbon, in the DFM/Nasdaq Carbon Credit Trading Pilot Project, launched during the COP28 UAE.


During COP28, our company, a leader in sustainable production, also introduced the Zero Carbon Impact line, which is certified as a carbon-neutral product through the Renove Program.


In 2024…

We have a lot ahead of us…