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Carbon Neutral Certification


Latin American Carbon Neutral Beef

  • The Renove Program, a Minerva Foods initiative, works together with cattle farmers to implement regenerative and low-carbon emission farming, whilst preserving native ecosystems. Certified farms work to continuously reduce emissions using best practices. To obtain the “CO₂ Neutral” seal, all the emissions generated during the productive process, from the farm through to industry and transportation to our final customer are measured.

Carbon Neutral Certification


With the entire carbon footprint measured, farms, industries and calculations are audited and certified by an independent, not-for-profit organization with certification systems in more than 100 countries.

Develops and markets carbon credits, transforming production chains to address climate change.


Residual emissions are compensated by MyCarbon, using high quality carbon credits from forest plantation and conservation projects.
Renove contributes towards Minerva Foods’ commitment to become Net-Zero, across all operations, by 2035.

Emissions reduction strategies within the productive system:

⚬ Implementation of regenerative agricultural practices
⚬ Pasture management
⚬ Genetic improvement
⚬ Additives in animal feed acting on enteric fermentation
⚬ Reduced slaughter age and emissions per kilo

First Minerva Foods Carbon Neutral beef exportation to Israel from Uruguayan operations

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