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Edison Ticle, CFO of Minerva Foods, participates in Money Week

Edison Ticle, CFO of Minerva Foods, participates in Money Week


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Edison Ticle, CFO of Minerva Foods, participates in Money Week

Executive has over 20 years of experience in the market and 14 in managing the finances of a livestock company.

He stayed in banking until March 2009 when he was invited to take over the financial management of Minerva Foods (BEEF3), which had gone public two years earlier and was trying to establish itself in the market for beef exports.

He accumulated functions in the company at times, such as Director of IR (Investor Relations), and, without leaving his position, participated in other ventures, such as a partner at C6 Bank, and today also participates in the Board of Directors of other companies, such as Soma Group (SOMA3), Aeris Energia (AERI3), and TC (TRAD3).

Edison Ticle on Money Week: get to know Minerva Foods (BEEF3)

Founded in 1957, Minerva Foods (BEEF3) is one of Brazil’s leading livestock companies, operating in the in natura and frozen meat sectors, as well as exporting live animals. Today, the company has 32 industrial units, three protein processing plants, one in Brazil and two in Argentina, as well as 25 bovine slaughter and deboning plants, four industrial units focused on sheep, and 14 distribution centers. All bovine plants are located in South America, in six Brazilian states and also in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Colombia.

With more than 100 countries in its export portfolio, the company now has China as its main market, representing 45% to 50% of its foreign revenue, according to Edison Ticle. In 2022, the company’s export revenue reached R$22.6 billion, a 16.8% increase compared to 2021.

Last year, the company accumulated a net profit of R$655.1 million, compared to R$589.9 million obtained in the previous year. However, in the fourth quarter, the company recorded a net loss of R$25.7 million. Last week, Minerva informed shareholders of a payment of R$208.6 million in complementary dividends.

Edison Ticle’s optimistic projections for 2023 and 2024

In February of this year, Minerva had its meat exports to China embargoed due to a localized outbreak of the so-called Mad Cow Disease, which forced it to modify the supply chain and send meat from Uruguay and Argentina. The chain was resumed in March but is expected to impact first-quarter results, with disclosure scheduled for May 10.

Ticle has said in recent interviews, however, that the company’s numbers are solid, with good cash generation and leverage reduction to 2.15x the net revenue/EBIDTA ratio, “the lowest level since 2007,” thanks to “a lot of financial discipline,” in the CFO’s words.

The resumption of economic activity in China after the end of the zero Covid policy is also viewed favorably by the executive, who sees room for his company to increase its product offerings in the face of a reduction in livestock production in the US.

“We are in a period of great supply and availability of animals, and this should improve our margins, perhaps consolidating two digits from 2024. It is a positive cycle scenario,” says Edison Ticle.

Money Week: learn from the best

Money Week is an event on financial education and investment, promoted by EQI Investimentos, an investment advisory firm, with over R$21 billion under custody. In its 8th edition, Money Week is essential for all types of investors.

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  • Rodrigo Samaia – head of Equity Sales at EQI Internacional
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Translated from: Eu Quero Investir