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In 2016, IMTP was acquired by Minerva Foods, a Brazilian company globally recognized as one of the leading beef producers in South America. Minerva Foods specializes in the production and sale of beef and its byproducts, including leather and live cattle exports.


Following the acquisition, IMTP was renamed Minerva Foods Asia. This division played a crucial role in the company’s early journey in Australia, preserving the company’s culture, which has been nurtured since its inception, and introducing innovative solutions aimed at achieving the highest business standards.


Later, in October 2022, Minerva Foods expanded its presence in Australia by acquiring the Australia Lamb Company (ALC) through a joint venture with SALIC, further solidifying its position in the region.

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, supermarkets, and butchers around the world are supplied with ALC products from our four facilities located in Tammin and Esperance in Western Australia, as well as Sunshine in Melbourne, and Colac in southwest Victoria.


ALC exports to over 70 countries worldwide. Our customers expect superior quality and consistency in meat. The process begins with individually selected farmers, whose commitment to lamb production is combined with best management practices and ongoing dedication to improving product standards. All our sheep are protected by the Certified Animal Welfare System, demonstrating our commitment and compliance to ensure best practices during animal transportation and reception at our processing facilities.

Our operations in Australia


Watch the video to get an overview of our sheep processing units in the country and the production capacity of each of them, as well as to learn more about the markets we serve with this production.


  • Fresh or frozen lamb, with bones or boneless;
  • Fresh or frozen mutton or goat, with bones or boneless;
  • Fresh or frozen sheep meat or offal;


Discover our lamb brands:




A brand that has become synonymous with quality, sourced from the finest lamb-producing regions renowned for their fresh, green, and clean agricultural lands. Premium Ambassador lamb is carefully chosen from producers dedicated to raising the highest quality sheep.

Fresh, tender, and full of flavour.

Products are crafted to meet individual requirements set by strict specifications. All Ambassador brand products are fresh, tender, and full of flavor, sourced from lambs handpicked by our dedicated livestock team. They are endorsed as “the finest lamb” anywhere in the world.


Everdene Oak

With our strict selection of livestock our Everdene Oak offal is a guarantee of the highest quality product. Chilled or frozen, ALC will provide the best available and greatest selection of offal products to both export and domestic markets.



Sovereign Lamb is all natural prime lamb raised in the pristine Goldfields regions of Victoria Australia. This region was home to the Gold rush from 1835-1900 and is now considered to be a “natural haven”, famous for its rich, fertile and productive land, it is some of the finest lamb producing country in the world. The region has produced exceptional lambs since the 1880’s giving it a rich history with solid bloodlines. The pure lamb genetics of the Sovereign Lamb and the natural feeding regime of lush pastures, clean water and air, give the lamb a tender texture and a mild flavour, like no other.


1788 Australia

The “1788 Australia” Mutton brand gets its name from the landing of the first fleet to Australia. In 1788 ships arrived from Great Britain, these ships carried the first sheep to set foot on Australian soil, initiating the birth of the great Australian Sheep industry we have today. 1788 brand is renowned for its quality and consistency all over the globe.

Lamb cuts

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