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Minerva Energia


As part of Minerva S/A Group, Minerva Energia was created to manage the exposure of Minerva’s facilities in the Brazilian electricity market, including monitoring their power consumption, balancing out their long/short positions and managing their power purchase agreements in the regulated and free power markets.

Leverage Factor for
Prudential Monitoring:

It includes monitoring your energy consumption, balancing your short and long-term positions and administering energy purchase contracts in the free and regulated markets.

Idealized to also develop marketing activities, the energy company also provides Minerva’s commercial partners structured and customized products, in order to reduce power direct and indirect spend.

Our team is formed by professionals with a board experience in the Brazilian electricity sector.

Having a market view from an end user standpoint, with wide network, and independence of utilities and generation assets, Minerva Energia can always offer customers the best opportunity available in the market.

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