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Minerva Foods excel for the ethical and transparent relationship with ranchers, providers of our main raw material.

We always seek proximity to our suppliers, sharing technical and practical knowledge and providing tools that can contribute to the development of livestock.

In order to further strengthen this relationship, we have created the "Laço de Confiança" (Bond of Trust) program, which continues to grow stronger in Brazil and also in Colombia. In addition to the sequence of itinerant lectures of our events called "Beef Talk", we follow the circuit of the "@ + Lucrativa" (which means in English "a more profitable arroba", a program that supports the small cattle breeders) and we are also present in various events in the sector.

At this page, you will be informed of all events in which we participate and you can also subscribe to the "Rancher Area", which represents our total transparency in the cattle purchasing relationships.



Minerva Foods offers to its suppliers services that seek to strengthen Brazilian livestock and make it more sustainable and profitable for the entire production chain. Check below what services we currently offer:


Programa @+ Lucrativa

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To profit, you have to supplement!

Minerva Foods, in partnership with the APTA, a Brazilian agency for agribusiness, located in Colina-SP, created the "@+ Lucrativa" (A More Profitable Arroba), a program that supports the small producer in supplementing the animals, from reproduction to fattening, and aims for a young animal, slaughtered with no more than 24 months and weighing around 18 arrobas.

The program finances and provides technical support for supplementation.

You are invited to meet the "@+ Lucrativa" and be part of this Company's initiative.


Speaking of Livestock

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The program Speaking of Livestock offers lectures and meetings promoted by the Company to discuss pertinent issues between industry and cattle breeders, such as sustainability, inputs, meat quality, among others.


Cattle Buyers' Contact

Our partners rely on numerous advantages and benefits to produce more and better. Contact the sector closest to you and become our partner as well.




RHC - Ranchers Help Center

A direct channel between ranchers and the Cattle Buyers team, to clarify doubts, request information, among other utilities.




The objective of traceability is to ensure to the consumer a safe and healthy product, through the control of all production stages, industrialization, transportation, distribution and marketing, enabling a perfect correlation between the final product and the raw material from where it came.


Rancher Area

The rancher area offers reports and content to the Company's partners, in addition, there is an option to consult their online packing lists.